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In-Home Music Lessons

Musician Makers provides in-home music lessons for guitar, piano, and voice in the Nocatee and Ponte Vedra neighborhoods of northeast Florida.

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Piano Practice

Inspiring A Love For Music

The goal at Musician Makers is to inspire everyone to love music.


We also believe that becoming a musician is attainable for any individual that has a desire to learn. Within two months of starting lessons we guarantee that you will have played your first song, created your very own music, and

will know the basics of how music works!

Guitar Lesson

We offer guitar lessons for students aged 6+. Electric &  Acoustic Guitar lessons are available. For students ages

4- 6 we recommend

starting on the ukelele.

Playing Piano

We offer piano lessons for students ages 5+. Piano is a great way for individuals to get acquainted with the foundations of music.

Practicing Piano Notes

We offer vocal lessons for students ages 5+. Vocal lessons can be done as a stand-alone lesson, or in conjunction with piano or guitar.

Guitar Lessons

Teaching Approach

Our instructors customize their approach to each student and their individual learning needs.

While encouraging creativity, we want every student to learn the foundations of music. We focus on songwriting, excellence and fun!

Flexible Scheduling

Choose the day and time that works best for your family's schedule and keep track of your scheduled lessons.

Our online portal also makes payments easy! 

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My kids love their piano teachers. They are so positive and encouraging even when they are somewhat reluctant to learn. We have been using Musician Makers for over 3 years now and have always had good experiences with the teachers, scheduling and their online portal.

Erin Jarrell

Piano Lesson

Nocatee's Best Music Lessons Since 2016

In-Home Music Lessons for Children & Adults 

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