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  • What changes about my bill with the new makeup system and cancellation policies?
    Subscription Model: Pay for the total number of lessons each month upfront on the first of the month. Makeup Credits: Issued for cancellations with proper notice, valid for 30 days. Makeup Slots: Available on designated days, providing flexibility to makeup cancelled lessons using makeup credits. You can schedule makeup lessons many weeks in advance. Once a makeup lesson is scheduled, the credit is redeemed. Billing Adjustments: The total amount due monthly can fluctuate based on teacher cancellations, holidays, and studio cancellations. You are not charged for these. Lesson Charges: You are charged for scheduled lessons regardless of whether you make them up or not. For a more detailed breakdown, read the rest of our FAQs below or visit our Policy Page
  • How can I cancel a lesson?
    To cancel a lesson, please log into your account, and cancel the lesson on the calendar. To be eligible for a makeup credit, please ensure you cancel your scheduled lesson no later than 2 hours before the lesson is scheduled to start. If you cancel with less than 2 hours notice you will be charged, unless you are cancelling due to sickness. If your child is sick and you cancel with less than 2 hours notice, then you will receive a makeup credit. ​ Click here to watch a video on how to cancel upcoming lessons in the student portal.
  • What qualifies as an emergency for last-minute cancellations?
    Emergencies that qualify for last-minute cancellations without penalty include acts of God, hospitalization, or any severe unexpected event like a car accident. Please notify us as soon as possible by contacting our admin team. ​
  • How do I schedule a makeup lesson?
    To schedule a makeup lesson, check the availability of your teachers makeup days in the student portal under the 'Makeup Lesson' event category. You can use any valid makeup credits to book lessons on these designated days. Credits must be used within 30 days from their issue date. keep in mind that the credit is issued and the timer starts the moment you cancel the lesson. Also, makeup lessons must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. ​ Click here to watch a video on how to schedule a makeup lesson in the student portal
  • How do I schedule Makeup Lessons for multiple students or siblings, or hour long lessons?
    If you are scheduling makeup lessons for multiple students or siblings, especially if their lessons are back-to-back, please book each student in a separate event. Ensure to book consecutive time slots for back-to-back lessons. We will adjust any minor gaps between the slots to ensure smooth transitions between lessons. This also applies to hour long lessons. ​ Click here to watch a video on how to schedule multiple lessons, or more than one student, back to back in the student portal.
  • What happens if a teacher cancels my lesson?
    If a teacher cancels a lesson, your account will be credited with a discount equal to the monetary value of that lesson. This effectively serves as a refund and will carry forward as a positive balance, reducing your next bill.
  • What is the policy on unused makeup credits?
    Unused makeup credits expire 30 days after they are issued. They cannot be refunded or transferred to future invoices, so please ensure to use them within the validity period. Keep in mind that make up days are available way ahead in the future, so there will be plenty of options. ​ Click here to watch a video on how the make up credits function in our system.
  • Why do I have part of a makeup credit? Where does .5 come from?
    If you take hour lessons, then when you cancel a lesson you will receive a makeup credit worth one hour. If you then book a 30 minute makeup lesson, you will have .5 credits remaining. In this way, if you want to book your full hour, you will just need to book two 30 minute makeup lessons slots back to back, and we will adjust the time in between.
  • How do I set up Auto-Pay?
    To enroll in auto-pay, log into your student portal. Navigate to the 'Billing' section where you can select 'Auto-Pay Setup'. Follow the instructions to store your payment information securely. With auto-pay, your monthly invoice will be paid automatically, ensuring that your account stays up-to-date without additional input each month. ​ Click here to watch a video on how to set up auto pay in the student portal.
  • Are there any penalties for late payment?
    Invoices are due upon receipt, and a late fee of $15 is applied to any invoice that remains unpaid 7 days after its issue date. Setting up auto-pay is recommended to avoid late fees.
  • How do I terminating my subscription to lessons?
    You may terminate your subscription with Musician Makers at any time by emailing us at If you cancel your subscription, all outstanding makeup credits will be forfeited. You may choose to complete the current month, scheduling any available makeup slots within that period. However, if you do not renew your subscription for the following month, any remaining unspent credits will be lost. Additionally, any makeup lessons scheduled in the new month or beyond will be removed from the schedule, and you will not receive credits back for those canceled sessions. We recommend finishing the current month to get the most value from your subscription.
  • How do I log into my student portal?
    Accessing Your Portal: To access your account, simply visit our login page. If you're an active student currently taking lessons with us, we have already set up a portal for you. ​ First-Time Login or Forgotten Password? If you're logging in for the first time or have forgotten your password, click on the "Reset Password" button. Follow the prompts to set or reset your password. ​ Didn't Receive a Login Email? When your lessons initially begin, we send a login email to set up your portal. If you didn’t receive this email or can’t find it, no worries! You can still set up your access by resetting your password as described above.
  • Do we offer recitals and performance opportunities?
    We absolutely do! We have recitals multiple times a year, and are currently (summer 2024) hosting an open mic at Timotis Seafood Shak in Nocatee once a month.
  • How does the billing work? I have questions about my account.
    The best way to understand your bill is to log into your student portal. Go to account and invoices. Keep in mind that you are pre-paying for scheduled lessons, and your bill can also be reduced by any teacher cancellations from the previous month, or from any studio closures, such as holidays. If you need any help understanding the charges and payments on your account, please feel free to contact our team and we would be happy to help.
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