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3 Tips to Prepare for Your Performance!

Getting ready for a music show or recital is super exciting! But sometimes, it can make you feel a bit nervous too. That's okay! Here are three super tips to help you get ready and have fun doing your music.

1. Practice in a Smart Way

When you practice, don’t just play your songs from start to finish all the time. Break your music into small pieces and work on the parts that are tricky. If a part is really hard, slow it down until you can play it right. You can even use something called a metronome to help keep your beats steady.

And guess what? Recording yourself playing and then listening to it is a great way to hear how you're doing. The most important thing is to try to feel the music and enjoy playing it, not just hitting the right notes.

2. Turn Nervousness Into a Super Power

Feeling nervous before you play in front of people is totally normal. But did you know that being a little bit nervous can actually make your performance even better? It's like having a super power that makes you more alert and ready to rock!

To help with feeling too nervous, try taking deep breaths, imagining yourself doing an awesome job, and telling yourself "I can do this!" Practicing in front of your family, friends, or even your stuffed animals can also help you feel less nervous when the big day comes.

3. Share Your Music with Love

Playing music isn't just about the notes and the rhythms. It's also about sharing a story and feelings with everyone listening. Try to understand the story behind the music you’re playing. Why did the person who wrote it make it? What feelings are in the music? When you play, let those stories and feelings shine through.

Don’t forget to look up and out at the people who came to listen, and try to smile! Bow at the end of your performance to say thank you to your audience.

Remember, at the end of the day, playing music is about sharing your passion and creativity - not about being perfect. Every time you play for an audience, you're growing as a musician and having fun. So, take a deep breath, smile, and go for it!

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