five practicing tips

You’ve got your instrument picked out, lessons have started, and now you have books full of a foreign language full of letters and music notes. What do you do next?! Practice. Practicing is key to succeeding at music.

The only way to master your instrument is to practice! But it can be a real drag sometimes, I know that. Taking time away from things that are fun to sit down and practice something that is new and hard isn’t anyone’s favorite part of learning music.

But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it! Practicing is always worth it. When you sit down with your instrument and play a scale or a song all the way through, you will feel so accomplished. When you open your music book and you can read what it says, you will be ten times more confident. It will pay off in the long run.

Here are five tips to help you stay motivated to practice, and to help you become a successful musician.

Tip #1: Find a good practice spot. Make sure you can sit comfortably and focus without distractions.

Tip #2: Take it slow and be patient. Rushing will only lead to frustration. If you take your time, you can learn to do it right the first time, and avoid making bad habits.

Tip #3: If you make a mistake, take a note and try to correct it.

If you can’t figure it out, make a note to ask your teacher and practice something else.

Tip #4: Practice multiple times. Always play a chord, scale, or song multiple times once you have it right. This creates muscle memory, which will make it easier to remember in the future.

Tip #5: Play for fun, too! Make sure to include songs and exercises that you find fun and enjoyable in your practice routine. Music is supposed to be fun after all!

These tips are meant to help you or your student find joy in playing music and not get exhausted by it. Our goal at Musician Makers is always to make music fun any way that we can. If you find that learning your instrument is frustrating or you’re losing motivation, try the tips above and ask your teacher for some fresh activities and exercises.

We want to know what helps you stay committed to practicing. Comment below to let us know you’re best practicing tips, and we’d love to include them in our next post!